Dungeon crawler, but movement and attack is random each turn.  

Each Turn you are given 3 cards.  Movement, attack, or other.  Hoover over the card to see the movement range or attack range. then  click on a card to activate it. once you activate the card you can choose a spot on the board to move or attack to.  Kill all the enemies to unlock the exit. then move to the exit to complete the stage.

Takes about 15 seconds to load (some people have reported up to 10 mins), and there no loading screen. you just have to have faith in the black screen. its loading... probably. sorry.  (if anyone has any experience with this issue, i'd be more than happy hear any feedback).

There is no victory screen. if you beaten 14 levels, then it ends on a blank room.   You Win, Congrats.   

Game Art by IzzyIRA. 

Music By BBunker

And Coding By Zerocreativty1.


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This game is awesome! it does have some difficulty spikes that are a bit confusing.

Turn based random moves that you can combine in any order - makes up for tricky planning!
Fun to play as soon as you get the grasp!

I didn't find any keys until after levels, maybe some more keys?
One more idea: more interactions between the player and his sorroundings would rly benefit the gameplay: Shooting blocks, moving blocks that move after each turn, conveyer belts that move you after the turn, ...

Awesome concept. I agree that the gameplay is a little difficult to figure out, but once you get it it's super fun! Very clean and well done

Really cool concept for a game! I hope you guys update the page with instructions on how to play, because it took me a few minutes to figure it out. room with the 4 rooks destroyed me!